B. 1987. Lives and works in Wiltshire, UK.

Amy-Jane Blackhall’s work emerges from her fascination with the concept of interconnectedness, through the physical and spiritual act of making, particularly the repetitive nature of print.

Underlying structures are central to her imagery; derived from sacred places, she frequently references archetypal symbols, Oriental art and Eastern ideologies. Recurring themes in her work reflect on how the universality has a strong aesthetic appeal transcending space and time, language and culture.

The two works exhibited this year at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018 continue to explore themes of her recent solo exhibition Everyone Is A Moon where there was an emphasis on the comfort in the cadence and repetition of ongoing cycles that both anchor and elude us.

In Elemental I the burning of the paper surface within a primary, circular shape reveals ocean waves.  The element of fire has created the illusion of water and the resulting subtle, textural surface is innately lunar as is the marbled, reflective surface in MOON MIRROR 42.

In 2015 Blackhall established her own Fine Art print and editioning studio, INK on PAPER PRESS, based in Wiltshire, UK. The INK on PAPER PRESS studio spaces enable her to work with artists on a one-to-one basis to originate and edition prints, alongside developing her own art practice. INK on PAPER PRESS is currently the main editioning studio for Emma Stibbon RA prints and recent in-house editions include ‘Finding Lines’ print for Ann Christopher RA Royal Academy published monograph.